October 14, 2019
  • 5:28 pm Brothers United singing group
  • 3:52 pm First Hand Experience!
  • 3:27 pm Hello world!

What does Moses, John the Baptist,Jesus, Peter, Paul, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. all have in common? They were all in prison! For most of us, we think that prison is a place of confinement and so it is. Prison also means a place of preparation, make ready, and to set in array ( or Line Up!) I spoke to a dear friend last week who gave me a word of exhortation that allowed me to see things in a bigger light. In this ministry many of our clients have dealt with various issues that would destroy the average person, but because of the Lord’s mercies they were not consumed! Many years ago (about 20) I personally made some childish, terrible, and irresponsible decisions that caused me to face 257 years , never to see society in this lifetime! after just 10 years of incarceration, God set and made me free! Prison is where God began to prepare me, get me ready, and line me up to his will when calling and sending me to began the Band of Brothers Prison Ministry which began two years after getting me ready for this burden(Feb. 2008). God allowed me to have a first hand experience of the cruelty,inhuman,catastrophes, and modern day slavery that occurs during a person’s incarceration ( I call it a ten year undercover investigation!). As a ministry we have received many attacks from the adversary working through people, yes even so called “church folk” who did not understand Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 25th chapter: when I was in prison You visited me. Not only do we visit, but we are changing the mind set of many ex-offenders by teaching the word of God, revolutionizing the minds of many to take responsibility for their every action knowing that others will be effected by your every decision. Therefore I first take everything that I do and say , weigh them in the light of those who may be effected, consequences, and final results , then I make a decision. We all have reacted in a way that was Dumb once we thought it out and now we respond instead of react. This effort allows us to act responsibly while intentionally thinking on the matter. As God continues to prosper us, we ask that you all continue to pray for the leadership of this ministry that we would walk worthy of this great and high calling in the building up of God’s Kingdom on earth while bringing the utmost Glory to God. For when we have done it to the least of these, we have done it to Christ!