About Us

“Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?” (Zech. 3:2)

There are ordinary men and women with extraordinary gifts, talents, and abilities who only need the opportunity to reveal various God given abilities that lies within. Myself as well as many others have walked through the fire, been purged, refined, and have received a new brand. By receiving this new brand we have also received a new beginning which in turn gave us a second chance. It is vital that we supply these men and women with true rehabilitation before sending them out into an environment that would be difficult to adapt and conform to without proper assistance, information, and guidance. We believe that with proper guidance and training these men and women will be productive citizens and leaders in their respective communities.

Core Values:

Building Leaders & Teamwork
Respect everyone’s uniqueness
Observe self before others
Time (give people) Eccl. 3:1
Honor God and the Brotherhood
Exemplify Love (John 13:34)
Relativity (brings connectivity)
Sacrifice Now


Promote and build Leaders in the ministry
Promote Teamwork
To establish and maintain a spiritual foundation
To overcome the barriers of low self-esteem, sexual, physical, and mental abuse
Deal with unhealthy addictions
To mend broken relationships
To become a stable, productive, self-sufficient citizen
Band of Brothers Prison Ministry Purpose is:

A. To help men become knowledgeable, wise, and understanding concerning Biblical truths.
B. To help men reach their fullest potential in Christ Jesus.
C. To rehabilitate men by allowing them to confront their various issues (Romans 3:23).
D. To help form consistency in character and life.
E. To assist men in daily living
F. To create a support group of men that have related experiences
G. To allow men to stand on a firm foundation so that they may assist other men who are going through what they have gone through (I Peter 5:9)

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