Partnership / Volunteer

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Pic of  mentors with myself (Sylvester Savage) in middle – From left to right is Apostle Sammy Smith, Reid Lehman, Michael Cruse, Brenn Bagel


Miracle Hill Ministry- Partner, supporter, and donor of newest property. President – Reid Lehman.

Grace Cathedral Greenville SC – Our partner church for our ministry. Apostle Sammy C Smith – Founder , Michael Hamilton – Pastor

Rocky Creek Baptist Church – Mission partner church for our ministry.

Greenville County Probation and Parole – We work closely with this organization and many others in and out of the state to help released inmates find their way back into society.

Alston Wilkes Society – Rehabilitation services for ex-offenders.

Spirit of Life Ministry – Located in Clinton SC and a ministry partner. Founder: Tom Dance

Home Depot – Given a Grant to help in the Housing of our Veterans.

South Carolina Christian Foundation- Executive Director Bobby Mc Donald

Other services the ministry provides:

1) It has been brought to my attention from one of the greatest men I know, my mentor Mr. Reid Lehman of our veterans who suffer being homeless in the upstate. They sign up to risk everything, even their lives to allow this country the great freedom we enjoy to come back to homelessness. How paining it is just to think of this unbelievable situation. Let us never think Freedom is Free when our Soldiers paid the cost for us. We are now looking forward to opening our first Veterans Home in September of this year because “A need seen is an assignment given!” Please be in prayer for us and this project.
2) Dealing with young men ages 12-17 who live in poverty stricken/under privileged neighborhoods. We have learned that 90% of people are a product of their environment. therefore, we pull them out of their current environment and show them other environments to adapt to. We assist them in life skills, decision making, being responsible, and putting God first. In 2011 we started a mentoring program based on building leaders and promoting teamwork. We promote respect for self and others through TEAM (Trust Extended Among Members) By teaching these things, many of these young men will not suffer the experience of incarceration. We need to win them for Christ and not lose them to the jaws of the enemy!

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