Program Areas

Band of Brothers Prison Ministry, Inc.

Our program is based on discipleship, leadership and teamwork and the program areas include:

I. Institutional : Re-entry Program

Partnership with chaplains in one-on-one counseling sessions
Case management
Religious Services
Building Leadership, Teamwork and Brotherhood
II. Transitional Housing: Intake—Transitioning—-Self-Sufficiency

Help secure state I.D., birth certificate, Social Security Card, driver’s license
Re-instatement of disability benefits, SSI, or pension/retirement benefits
III. Mending/Building Relationships

Fatherhood/ Motherhood Coalitions- linking incarcerated parents with their children building/mending/fostering relationships through various activities/counseling during parents’ incarceration and post-incarceration
Youth retreats trips to other areas of the region, country and abroad to exposure youth to various unlimited opportunities for a better way of life, character education, conflict resolution and coping skills
Ministry retreats –allow participants for self evaluate there goals, progress, life plan; empowerment and acquiring stress relief skills, conflict resolution skills and coping skills
IV. Transportation

Provide client transport to work, community programs, and various appointments (probation/parole, doctor’s, social service agencies, interviews, counseling programs at various agencies, etc.)

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